The I.A. is not known for thrift.  Whatever amount you send, they spend.  In 2004, the I.A. take, in dues and assessments was $187,852,915.00.  They spent every last dime, and then some.  Joe Nigro and the boys have high-end tastes.  They have to consider future costly travel and trip and meal expenses and fatter salaries and fatter pensions, which unlike yours they like to fund at a 100% rate, not the flimsy 57% rate of the NPF.  In 2012 thanks to great management at headquarters, the  take for the I.A. was down to $50,081,939.00.   Of course, given I.A. lifestyles, spending a mere $50 million was a no brainer and it was very easily accomplished.  In 2012, they therefore, spent $49,959,913.00.

This year, there is another I.A. General Convention.  And given the history of these conventions/coronations a Nigro dues and assessments increase is a certainty to be approved this year.  The I.A. boys cannot achieve the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed on a mere $50 million per year.  Salaries have to rise, pensions have to rise, air fare (to NYC) and hotels (in NYC) have to be paid and they are not cheap.  The boys also have to get back to buying season tickets at the Nationals and Redskins games.  And do not even whisper to them the thought of a belt tightening or a walk down from their notorious salaries, as theirs is the Kingdom of High Fives, where each and every one of them is deserving of whatever the traffic will bear and the undying admiration of the membership.  Therefore, for this membership, it is time to bend over.  Retirees, active members, apprentices and production workers will soon be seeing the next wasteful increase in the rising cost of I.A. membership.  What is left for us and them, is to figure out how much of a dues increase they can get away with – and how they are going to dress up the official storyline about how continued I.A. success, cost money.  Ughhh!