This chart should make every member of the I.A. uncomfortable, not just the members of Local 28.  It is an approximation of the information contained in the NPF Actuarial report for 2012.  Let’s hope Joe Nigro takes notice as well.  This is all happening on his watch as General President.  The trustees of the NPF cannot clap with one hand.  The trustees do not organize new members.    (Note to Joe:  Merging will not help.)  Joe has to get his game on or it’s game over.  If current trends continue the worst is yet to come.  The NPF desperately needs a dramatic increase in active participants (sheet metal workers) supporting and contributing to the NPF.  If current trends continue unabated, in less than ten years the NPF will have more pensioners than actives.  That’s not good, Joe.  In the year 2012 we had 55,000 actives supporting 46,000 pensioners.   Please, no more business as usual in High Five Land.  It’s getting late.