Bob DiOrio is charging Local 28 officials with financial malpractice because the monthly cost of a cell phone used by a former Local 28 official was not collected.  If that financial malpractice allegation were true, the cost to Local 28, would be about $75.00 give or take some change.

Since 2004, thru September 2013, the National Pension Fund failed to collect the staggering sum of $96,419,026.00 in pension fund contributions.  It should also be noted that the NPF has written off $54,419,685.00 of that money as uncollectible.  Which means that almost $100,000,000.00 in accrued pension benefits went unfunded during that period.  And that is just one of their over hocked funds.   GEEEEZ!

Are Nigro and DiOrio are engaged  in an unjustified political witch hunt here in Local 28?   Methinks, there are those in Washington, not Local 28, who  should be removed or resign from their jobs.