NYT 4/26/20  

Thomas Friedman NY Times Columnist : “We Need Herd Immunity From Trump and the Coronavirus.”

Ventlines: Good idea. But maybe not quite a complete cure.  If the reality is that this Trump is the last elected Trump, then Friedman’s idea is correct.

But what if things could get worse – what if Trumps replicate? What if we have more and future Trumps. What if in the grand scheme of things, this particular Trump is not a one off, an ill-timed sneeze or cough? What if this Trump is a simple symptom of a larger more dangerous political virus? The answer is that then we must look farther afield in order to serve our country. Because if this Trump is but a symptom, then we are truly facing huge, existential problems.

How then could we solve the immunity problem?

We could try Covid 19, virus-like political tracking. Good virus-like tracking, would sooner or later, lead us back to the source – the breeding ground for this Trump and all future Trumps. However, assuming the virus-like tracking is rigorously scientific, that may take a while.  So, what to do? What would a man, in a hurry, (before November) who has good and decent values along with ample political scars, do to quickly immunize himself and his family against Trump. 

Given that the Republican party has a long history of publicly and proudly breeding wannabe Trumps, methinks that a wise man, in a hurry, would do well to immunize himself against Republicans – all Republicans, everywhere! Methinks that if enough good men and women do that – all of us in this country might survive all Trumps – in November- and far into the future.