I.A. Membership:  From 108K to 92K – Loss: 15,493      National Pension Fund: funded at .57 cents on the dollar  etc.,  etc.


Imagine the high fives in Washington when Joe and the boys found Local 28 to scapegoat and criticize.  With 28 to harp on, they have no need to self examine their own dismal record at the I.A.  Why bother themselves with a reality check?  This way, like the wicked witch in the fairytale Snow White,  they can keep their Magic Mirror which tells them how uniquely deserving they are of  princely salaries and membership adulation.  Instead, thanks to the Local 28 diversion, each of them can now continue to bask in mutual admiration in the land of High Fives all Around.

When Joe and the I.A. boys look in their Magic Mirror they see and hear glory unto thee.   Criticism is verboten in High Five land.  Its a great work environment for the thin skinned and shirkers.  Wannabes.  They enjoy Washington, its not the gritty trenches where the members toil.  Its far, far away from the trenches, away from the membership.  The same trenches where the membership for decades have paid through the nose for debacle after debacle in ALL  I.A. funds and witnessed the long sad decline of a once proud International Association of Building Trades Sheet Metal Workers.

With Local 28 to harass, the I.A. boys don’t have to look in a real mirror and take the blame for a failure of leadership and a shirking of duty to the membership; not to mention, responsibility and ownership of a greedy grab at princely salaries where Nigro deems himself worth  more than the President of the United States.