Donald Trump is President of the United States. Yet he doesn’t speak to all Americans, And he doesn’t speak for all Americans. Trump speaks mostly to true believers. Once in a while he also speaks down to Republicans. Trump and his supporters speak mostly about the rest of America. They need these special conversations. Each of these conversations helps support their faith in mutual beliefs. The rest of us do not understand or partake in these conversations.

For example, in a recent Trump-speak, President Trump promised supporters that he and the GOP would soon be giving true believers a wonderful MAGA healthcare program to replace their mutually despised Obamacare. But sadly for the true-believers, President Trump also had to tell the faithful that he could not release this magnificent MAGA healthcare proposal until AFTER his 2020 re-election.

As expected, Trump’s faithful understood the message. And as expected they uniformly shouted, Amen.

For most Americans, this particular Trump promise, which is so obviously too convenient and so suspiciously untrue, where so much is personally at risk for each and every true believer and his family – the rest of us would be right to doubt that even the most rabid Trump follower would drink from this cup of strange and sweet tasting MAGA brew.

Yet we must give the devil his due. The rest of us may never understand Trump’s message. The rest of us may just be biased slow learners. Or then again, the rest of us AND Trump’s followers might do better to remember and learn from the history of true believers.

If we do, perhaps the day may never come where any of us has to bear witness to the grisly aftermath of a Jonestown syndrome set loose in America.

Pass the cup?