Get ready. With the end of or diminished Medicare and  Social Security programs, income inequality between working Americans and Richie Rich will soon be even greater.  Republican politicians who just cut the tax bill of Richie Rich with their new tax laws and gave the US government trillion-dollar annual deficits from here to eternity in order to pay for Richie Rich tax cuts are now on the hunt to cut the deficit.  In 2019 these self-same Republicans will be coming after Medicare and Social Security deficits – not Richie’s. Republican don’t like budget deficits for the working man.

Medicare’s hospital insurance fund will be depleted in 2026, said the trustees who oversee the benefit program in an annual report. That is three years earlier than projected last year.  This year, like last year, Social Security’s trustees said the program’s two trust funds would be depleted in 2034. For the first time since 1982, Social Security has to dip into the trust fund to pay for the program this year.  *

Raise your hands.  Who thinks Republicans and Richie Rich will pay to save Social Security and Medicare?

Raise your hands.  Who thinks Richie Rich will pay for the coming trillion-dollar deficits of the US Government?

Raise your hands.  Who do you think will be paying (with none or lower benefits) for the coming financial crisis in Social Security and Medicare, Richie Rich or the working man?

Raise your hands.  Who do you think will be the losers – the working man or Richie Rich?  Raise them high!