As a consequence of the bitter Kavanaugh SC nomination, the press has suddenly discovered or decided that Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham (SC) has become a “slobbering Trump manservant”.  For much of the press, this new Lindsey Graham is a revelation or transformation from of a one-time political independent.   But to a practiced and independent eye, it is a less a revelation about Graham than about the press itself.

Day in day out our corporate media and its employees ‘take’ what politicians give as news; both sides especially love myths and mythmaking, it makes for easy news gathering and is easy on the reader’s eyes. And this pracitced art of ‘taking’ and mythmaking by the press and the giving by our politicians is done thankfully, gladly, profitably and professionally on both sides.

That our media or anyone else ever believed Lindsey Graham, before the Kavanaugh hearing, was independent minded and not a rabid practitioner of ruthless modern, GOP tactics and ethics is a case on point that we have an ample slobbering media which is full of “takers” who practice their profession without an ounce of discernment.

Our slobbering media without discernment is the real danger to a prospering democracy and has been a handmaiden to GOP myth making from the time of the Reagan myths right thru to Graham.  Shame.