The Cato Institute is aces at altering damaged conservative political narratives.  A Cato editorial effort in the NY Times on 9/20/18 is a bedtime story about ‘secular vs religious’ conservatives and is designed to disarm growing criticism of the brazen and growing hypocrisy within the Evangelical envelope.

Unfortunately for Cato however, hypocrisy is as hypocrisy does and it always shows.  People see it.  Thus this Cato tale has to convince the public not to believe what we see; that preaching God’s word with one face and acting the opposite with another face is not hypocrisy.  Rather it is God’s work, it is blessed.  In order to do this, Cato had to imaginatively reconstruct a politically useful God with two faces. A God which miraculously looks approvingly and blessedly at Evangelicals who are also two faced. 

How great is that for Trump Evangelicals and the Cato Institute?