Only twelve congressional Republicans Voted No on the new and harmful GOP Tax Bill.   227 Republicans Voted Yes.  All Democrats (119) Voted No.  These are the deceitful (NY NJ CA) Republicans permitted to Vote No in collaboration with the national Republican Party because both the national and local politicians knew the law would hurt NY and NJ citizens.  The 12 No Votes were deceitful Cover Your Ass (CYA) votes because the votes were not needed by the GOP to pass the national legislation harmful to NJ, NY, CA   taxpayers.  Everyone of these Republicans also voted multiple times to repeal ObamaCare. These Republicans were therefore free to vote against their party which was then free to harm NY, NJ and CA with higher local taxes and lower federal tax deductions.

It is the hope of the Republican Party and these 12 local congressman that the people of NJ, NY and CA will  forgive and forget that the GOP has unfairly taxed our states. 

However, a better slogan for the people of NY and NJ would be “Never Forget” and then vote out every last GOP congressman in our states.

CA-48    Dana Rohrabacher           Won by a Democrat

CA-49    Darrell Issa                          Won by a Democrat

NJ-2       Frank A. LoBiondo           Won by a Democrat

NJ-3        Thomas MacArthur         Won by a Democrat

NJ-4       Christopher H. Smith      Won re-election

NJ-7       Leonard Lance                    Won by a Democrat

NJ-11     Rodney Frelinghuysen     Won by a Democrat

NY-1      Lee Zeldin                              Won re-election

NY-2      Peter T. King                        Won re-election

NY-11    Dan Donovan                        Won by a Democrat

NY-19    John J. Faso                          Won by a Democrat

NY-21    Elise Stefanik                        Won re-election