NYT  12/18/17

In today’s NY Times  according to Democratic Senators Warren and Sanders: “Despite a booming stock market and record corporate profits, workers in this country are being squeezed by flat wages, soaring household expenses and declining savings.  They want Washington to start working for them and to spend tax dollars investing in our future — not bankrupting it.”

No they don’t. A sober and critical look at the people’s  representatives in government tells us that Americans want government to work for “me” and do not care if government works for “them”. “We” especially do not care if government works for black, brown and poor white people. The people’s representatives and its GOP tax bill also tells us that “we” do not want prosperous Yankees and Blue States. “We” do want prosperous Red States with all of us seeking the lowest economic denominator in wages. Our politics like Dickens, Christmas Carol is telling us who we are as a people. But our politics unfortunately is also a story that does not look like it will end well – as with a redeemed Scrooge