It simple really, FBI Director Comey just genuflected before Jason Chaffetz. It may be true, up to a point, that Comey was thinking in terms of protecting the FBI’s reputation from undue criticism and that is why he bent the knee. It may be true, as well, that Comey felt professionally obligated to follow up on his previous conclusion that the sensationalized email fiasco issues did not constitute a crime.

But I have to agree with Professor Krugman that it is likely more true that Jason Chaffetz and his Republican colleagues in Congress have put the bull on Mr. Comey. That Mr Comey was terrified of what would happen to his persona if he had informed Congress after the election in compliance with the Hatch Act and sound institutional legal practice at Justice and the FBI.

Comey shrank like a violet in the heat when he considered what Chaffetz and Co. would do to his reputation. Comey would have been subjected to some of the vilest of right wing commentary (and investigations) if he had not dished this non-news to the Republicans in Congress before the election.  Comey folded like a cheap suit.

Comey the coward folded rather than face the scorn of the Republican right wing. Which is not a remarkable event in Washington, given all the really cheap suits running loose but it is remarkable in the sense that Hillary (5’5″) has been subjected to the same pressures from the right wing for the last thirty years and she is still standing. Comey (6’8″) caved on day one.

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