It is September 15, 2016. The presidential campaign is underway. The election draws nigh. The polls, the press and the pundits are sniffing around Hilary like predator on prey.  They sense something. They don’t know what, but there is something in the air that has bestirred their infallible killer instincts as reporters. Their reports are like chants: Benghazi. Libya. “Donald is up in Ohio. Benghazi. Libya. Hilary is down in Nevada. Hilary fainted. Pennsylvania is a tossup. Mistrust. Hilary has pneumonia. Dr. Oz says, “Trump is healthy.” Americans don’t trust Hilary. Benghazi. Libya. The polls have tightened. MSNBC’s, Chuck Todd, say’s “Hilary’s campaign is taking on water.” Untrustworthy. Benghazi. Libya.” Relentlessly they chant.  Night and day they chant.

Along side the chant, Hillary’s campaign drudges on, unperturbed. There is no alarm.

Trump too marches on. Like Sherman in the South, he scorches the truth everywhere.  But there is no alarm about the death of truth. The media doesn’t notice.  Their unerring killer instincts are elsewhere.