Worry, worry.  The dramatists are portraying Bernie’s ongoing uphill struggle as the equivalent of Hilary’s failures, not to mention the demise of the entire Democratic Party.

Pshaw, say I.  Come the summer doldrums of the political season coupled with public fatigue of the raunchy and never-ending Trump Show, back will come Bernie to the Progressive backbench.  In September, October and November Bernie will do more than Barack Obama to elect Hilary.  Bernie has already done more to elect Hilary than Hilary.  He has broadened the party and made being a liberal a point of pride rather than a badge of shame.  Thanks to Bernie, liberals are having a ‘coming out’ party.  Gone is the shame of being a progressive in the Democratic Party.  Not to worry about Bernie.  Worry instead that Bill Clinton doesn’t backslide the Democratic Party to his centrist mode that gave us Max Baucus, Joe Lieberman and NAFTA.  UGH!