Congratulations to rank and file Republicans. You won. Trump won the Republican Party presidential nomination. Savor your rare political victory. Blue collar voters don’t often win in American politics. Beyond poll numbers, blue collars rarely ever matter to the political class who orchestrate primary campaigns and general elections. But this time, bread and butter Americans of the Republican persuasion defied the professional political class and won an amazing, historic and gigantic political victory for themselves and their candidate.

Down went the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, the rich insiders and all their chosen ones; down went Carly and low energy Bush, down went, somebody’s son, Rand Paul, down went Perry and Cruz, the Texas crazies, down went “little“ Marco, ‘tag a long’ Kasich and George ‘delusional’ Pataki. Down went William Kristol and the fossilized Republican brain trust. Now outside and looking in on your victory are the hungry, homeless dollars of corporate donors, lobbyists, PACs, bankers, the 1% and the slow witted pundits who got the Trump story wrong from the get go.

Up are the hopes, dreams and pride of middle class Republicans.