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Bloomberg Editorial Opinion: “Trump Can’t Pardon Himself.”

Hmmm? Bloomberg obviously has not learned much during the Trump years. Bloomberg and the general media still under estimate Trump’s audacity and amorality and the grievous lack of principle in our evermore venal politicians whom we have chosen to judge Trump’s conduct.

Trump will pardon himself if he so chooses. If Trump decides to pardon himself, it will be because he has determined that Pence will not pardon him and he has otherwise calculated a benefit for himself and those close to him. And the media and our heroic politicians will then have to prove Trump can’t pardon himself. Once that pardon is in place, good luck getting the Congress and the Supreme Court to rule against Trump’s pardon powers in the next 20 years – if ever. (They are such a speedy lot.) And even more to the point. What happens if Trump decides to flip the bird to the entire political establishment and pardon his entire insurrectionist mob of patriots and himself in one fell swoop? Think he won’t?? Think hard? He does love them, after all, and himself.


The mob, encouraged by president Trump, breeched security and entered the Capitol as Congress debated the a 2020 presidential election Electoral Vote Certification.