The Apocalypse

Does America come to the end in apocalypse? Will the end be merciful? Quick? Or will the end be slow agony? Will we or our children and grandchildren know when the end is nigh? Or will only some suffer that hellish anticipation? Do we go all at once?

Do some linger?

Look around – maybe there are signs.

Is this dystopian photo of one of Americas premier cities a tell? Is an out of control, covid pandemic and climate change a clue? Are the millions of Americans infected and three hundred thousand dead a sign? Ten million Americans out of work – is this a sign? What are we to make of the millions of small family businesses on the verge of closing forever? Of food shortages? Hunger? Evictions? Or medical therapy and supplies shortages? The 1%?

What should we make of our effete political class robotically elected and reelected by an increasingly polarized electorate? Is there something we should be concerned about with the end of political norms? What of Donald Trump? Or more Trumps? What of the growing thousands of armed and boastful American militiamen, toting AK47s through your streets? Or predator police officers? Are these the signs of apocalypse?