The Pence Pardon

Is Trump warily looking over his shoulder?  Did the 2018 Democrat election landslide really not perturb Donald Trump?  How about the spontaneous boos from the fans at the World Series?  Did he really not notice that Virginia and Kentucky have turned bright blue?  Or how about the Ukrainian impeachment momentum growing in the Democratic congress? How about those polls? Has Trump turned to his closet, thinking survival mode? What are the chances?

While being born rich tells us that Trump likes winning. His numerous bankruptcies also tell us Trump knows how to survive.  So, no matter the existential threats surrounding Trump’s White House today, troubles which would crush a dozen lesser grifters, we can be sure there is a Trump University caliber survival plan already unpacked, at the ready, on the shelf and sitting alongside a can of dutiful hair spray in one of Trump’s White House closets.

Should Donald Trump therefore, ever feel the need to quickly exit swampy Washington, we can be sure he will be ready.  His plan, based on history, will be simple and true to form. The plan will involve only the ever-reliable profit motive and a few special incentives for Washington’s avaricious and ambitious political class. The plan, of necessity, will also incorporate a few narcissistic survival niceties, such as quickly returning to reality show celebrity status and settling in as a new low tax Florida resident at Mar A Lago and occasional golf games at one of his favorite private courses.  All safe and happy places for Donald, far, far away from the Washington, DC ‘rats’, fake news and the US Attorney’s Office, Southern District, NY.

Trump will also need a bit more of a rich man’s luck.  He will have to finesse Washington twice?  Can he do it?  Trump, doubtless, sees no problem.  Why should he?  Washington always has a price.  And this simple survival plan should succeed because it cleverly includes significant political value for his adoring, fox hole buddy, VP, Mike Pence, and the MAGA greats, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and Senator Lindsey Graham. Trump also has a few personal motivators. His plan will deny evil Democrats, traitorous Republicans, fixer, Michael Cohen, Special Counsel Muller, Stormy Daniels, James Comey, Rex Tillerson, General Mattis, Colonel Vindman, Ambassador Taylor, John Bolton, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and a whole lot more, their full measure of moral satisfaction.

Like Trump, the core of this Trump survival plan is simple beyond words.  Simply exit Washington, DC, physically.  Nothing else matters.  Just get our of town.  Cinchy, huh? Like a Trump Monopoly Board Game.  Go directly Home.  Do not stop at Go.  Do not stop at Jail.

Can it be done?  Come November 5, 2020, if Donald Trump has lost the election, will President Donald Trump convince Vice President, Mike Pence to become the 46th President of the United States?  And will Mike Pence, in a classic quid pro quo, cement into history the special Republican tradition of presidential pardons for departing Republican presidents?  Stay tuned.