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Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda. Far too many pundits and Republican apologists are dangerously delusional about an imaginary streak of decency in Republican politicians. A decency streak, which they love to theorize has the potential to save Republicans and our nation from Trumpism. The great delusion here is their beginning argument that it is Trump who has brought rot to the Republican party and the ‘American Way’. When in fact it is the Republican party and its original sin, the ‘Southern Strategy’ and all its ugly derivatives that bears full responsibility for a Trump presidency.  Trump is just the latest headliner and currently atop a very long list of GOP apologists who now argue biblically on behalf of “decent” Nazis and against the menace of sinister Muslims, ballot stuffing African Americans and invading killer Latinos along our Southern border. Let us not, therefore blame Trump for Trump.

Trump, as such, has merely polished the Southern Strategy and its modern variations to a new high gloss and respectable sheen.  And for that result, the faithful are grateful – not upset.  Trump and his ‘-isms’ are now gleefully protected, projected and chanted by 90% of all Republicans. A malign Trump, therefore will never, never, never, in our lifetimes, be thwarted by a Lincoln-like resurrection among the alleged decent GOPers.

 So, on behalf of all concerned, let the punditry please stop with the prayer-like story lines where both GOP politicians and the rank and file rise toward the sun and save themselves and the rest of us from Trump. It will not happen.  And while I never knew a Republican who wouldn’t willingly overdose on a schmaltzy Reganesque homily where a GOPer saves the American Way, the rest of us are compelled to face reality – the 1% wealth concentration, trillion dollar deficits, a decimated middle-class and precious little time for GOP fairy tales.



With the following imagined speech by a Republican President, David Leonhardt of the NY Times perfectly describes GOP Trickle Down Economics.

“My fellow Americans, I’m here today to tell you about my economic plan. Each year, I will require every middle-class family across this great country to write a check. We will then pool the money and distribute it to the richest Americans among us — the top 1 percent of earners, who, because of their talent, virtue, and success, deserve even more money.”

“The exact size of the checks will depend on a family’s income, but a typical middle-class household will hand over $15,000 each year. This plan, I promise all of you, will create the greatest version of America that has ever existed.”

With a nod to the likes of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Donald Trump and their tax plans, Mr. Leonhardt just described GOP Trickle Down Economics and the actual American economy in which we now live.

Feeling patriotic? Write a check.

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