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The Pence Pardon

Is Trump in survival mode? Is Trump looking over his shoulder at the overwhelming 2018 Democrat congressional election wins and the tabloid like Ukrainian impeachment momentum growing in the new Democratic congress? What are the chances?

Being born rich and on third base surely tells us that Trump has gotten very used to winning. But his numerous bankruptcies also tells us Trump is a natural born survivor.  So, no matter the man-eating, existential problems surrounding Trump’s White House today, troubles which would likely crush a dozen lesser grifters, we can be sure there is a Trump University caliber survival plan already unpacked, at the ready, on the shelf and sitting along side Trump’s dutiful hair spray in one of Trump’s White House closets.

Should Donald Trump therefore, ever feel the need to quickly exit swampy Washington, he is ready.  His plan, based on his history will likely be simple and go something like this; true to his  winning ways, it will involve the reliable profit motive, special incentives and be very doable. He will of course also require a few survival ingredients.  They will include his simple narcissistic necessities, like getting safely back to reality show celebrity status.   Getting back to a new low tax Florida residency at Mar A Lago and an occasional golf game on one of his favorite courses.  All safe and happy places far, far away from Washington, DC, its ‘rats’, fake news and the US Attorney’s Office, Southern District, NY.

To make all that happen however, Trump will need a bit more of his rich man’s luck.  And cunning.  Can he do it?  Can he finesse Washington one more time? Of this, we can be sure, Trump has little doubt.  Why should he?  Washington always has a negotiable price.  And this simple survival plan should succeed because it cleverly includes significant political office vacancy incentives for his adoring, fox hole buddies, VP, Mike Pence, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and Senator Lindsey Graham. Trump’s personal incentives are also significant.  He will be denying evil Democrats, traitorous Republicans, Michael Cohen, Special Counsel Muller, Stormy Daniels, James Comey, Rex Tillerson, General Mattis, Colonel Vindman, Ambassador Taylor, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff a generous measure of moral satisfaction.

For this simple survival plan to succeed, Trump believes he simply has to physically exit Washington. Cinchy, huh? Like a Trump Monopoly Board Game; Go directly Home.  Do not stop at Go.  Do not stop at Jail.

Can it be done?  Come November, 2020, if Donald Trump has lost the election, can Donald Trump convince Vice President, Mike Pence to become the 46th president of the United States and cement into history a special Republican tradition of presidential pardons for departing Republican presidents? 

What a plan!




In 2016 the NPF achieved 60.6% actuarial funded status,  its highest in recent history, if not ever.  The NPF continues its multi-year positive trends. *

In 2016 NPF pension contributions exceeded pensions paid, for the frst time in recent history, if not ever, a remarkable achievement. *


In 2016, on a Current Liability basis,  NPF cash on hand vs current accrued pension liability equaled 32.1%, which is unimproved but consistent with NPF history.  (.32 cents on the dollar.) *

In  2016 the NPF was still in Endangered Status.  We have a long way to go  to truly secure your retirement and the NPF but the trend is now your friend.  Protect your union and your retirement.  Stay vigilant.

*Source:  Martin E Segal, January 1, 2017, NPF Actuarial Valuation.



Florida Governor Scott goes to Washington.