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The status quo is worried.

The status quo sends us endless memos and messages.  All of which we are expected to obey.  There are tangible memos, there are virtual memos.  We get ‘expectation’ memos. Rule memos.   Promise memos.  Money memos.  Pain memos. Memos that tell us what we may expect from our culture, our government and our politicians, each other.  We get memos from Trump, Twitter, Congress, the press, from TV and radio, online, school, our neighbors, advertising, movies, billboards, churches, bankers, lore, heroes, Facebook and villains.  We get corporate memos, religious memos, social memos, political memos and cultural memos.  And almost all those memos reflect the special interests of our enduring status quo – our 1%.

Each of us – young, old, rich, poor, black, white, brown, god loving and the godless are tirelessly schooled by the status quo  –  we are taught what and how to think, to stay small, to limit expectations.  We are warned of ‘takers’ among us. We are schooled, “Do not be a taker.” We are in danger, so say the memos, cherish the military and guns.  Our way of life does not afford a minimum wage or pensions, education or healthcare; we need lower taxes, less government and regulation, say the memos.  Obey your God, and beware their God say the memos.  Fear, say the memos  “Everywhere.”

And for the most part, those memos carry their weight.  As a people, we are at one with the status quo.  We move peaceably within its confines.  We have minimal expectations of the status quo and its government.  We rarely complain. We move along,  Die quietly.  We get along.  We abide, we keep our head down.  We stay in our lane.  Normally the status quo is pleased and does not worry.

We especially pleased the status quo in the 2016 presidential election.  Messaging and memos then and since taught and we learned well that we are undeserving of universal health care and public education thru college as proposed by Bernie Sanders.  Universal healthcare is just too exotic and too foreign for real Americans.  Neither are for us, the memos schooled. Abide, said the memos.  The Bernie memos also taught and we learned that education has high costs.  We learned that teacher salaries, schools and colleges are much too expensive – and education, especially higher education is not for everyone. We have ‘rights’, taught the Bernie memos.  We have the right to own a gun but not to universal healthcare or higher education.  There is a difference between a ‘right’ and a privilege said the memos. Not all Americans have privileges, explained the Bernie memos.

But increasingly and surprisingly, in places like Parkland, Sandy Hook and now Pittsburgh, the status quo is not pleased.  There, when the young read their memos, they do not abide.  They do not stay in lane. They make noise. Loud noise. Lots. They yell VOTE!

What will happen to them, to us – to our memos?



They are not inept or timid liars.  And they are not nearly as accomplished as Donald Trump. Still, everyday Republican politicians who, like Trump, lie directly into the face of their base, do so with great effect at winning over an endless supply of wannabe Republicans.

For example, the GOP whopper that ‘trickle down’ economics is good for the working man has been told and retold by countless Republican politicians for more than 50 years. It is the all time GOP favorite fable.  And the GOP base (all Richie Rich wannabes) absolutely loves that legendary tale.

Trump Republicans, command respect and boast great authority among their wannabes.  And remarkably these grifting politicians who preach their strange GOP truths directly into the face of their faithful, never, ever suffer a pang of conscience.  And should you ask, how is that possible?  Republicans will respond to you with one of their most reliable and prayerful sermons. ‘Debt is evil. God is with us.’  And the wannabe base will shout, “Amen.” 

Case in point: As of this date, on the Bloomberg TV airwaves, just one day after the US Treasury announced trillion dollar annual federal deficits from here to eternity, thanks to Trump’s Richie Rich tax bill, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell discovered the new federal debt and he blamed that evil debt on “… a bipartisan unwillingness to contain spending on MEDICARE, MEDICAID AND SOCIAL SECURITY…”  And the wannabe base  shouted, “Amen.”

Now, how great is that – a Republican politician condemning the evil debt of MEDICARE, MEDICAID AND SOCIAL SECURITY?  How prayerful is that?  How patriotic and pious are Mitch and his fellow Republicans in their noble effort to bring down America’s ‘evil’ trillion dollar deficits by bringing down Medicare, Medicaid and  Social Security? Are they not true patriots?  Ought the base be proud and shout, “Amen!”

Republicans truly know this nation’s enemy.  And they are coming for that enemy.

Do you know the enemy?





Forgive and Forget?

Only twelve congressional Republicans Voted No on the new and harmful GOP Tax Bill.   227 Republicans Voted Yes.  All Democrats (119) Voted No.  These are the deceitful (NY NJ CA) Republicans permitted to Vote No in collaboration with the national Republican Party because both the national and local politicians knew the law would hurt NY and NJ citizens.  The 12 No Votes were deceitful Cover Your Ass (CYA) votes because the votes were not needed by the GOP to pass the national legislation harmful to NJ, NY, CA   taxpayers.  Everyone of these Republicans also voted multiple times to repeal ObamaCare. These Republicans were therefore free to vote against their party which was then free to harm NY, NJ and CA with higher local taxes and lower federal tax deductions.

It is the hope of the Republican Party and these 12 local congressman that the people of NJ, NY and CA will  forgive and forget that the GOP has unfairly taxed our states. 

However, a better slogan for the people of NY and NJ would be “Never Forget” and then vote out every last GOP congressman in our states.

CA-48    Dana Rohrabacher           Won by a Democrat

CA-49    Darrell Issa                          Won by a Democrat

NJ-2       Frank A. LoBiondo           Won by a Democrat

NJ-3        Thomas MacArthur         Won by a Democrat

NJ-4       Christopher H. Smith      Won re-election

NJ-7       Leonard Lance                    Won by a Democrat

NJ-11     Rodney Frelinghuysen     Won by a Democrat

NY-1      Lee Zeldin                              Won re-election

NY-2      Peter T. King                        Won re-election

NY-11    Dan Donovan                        Won by a Democrat

NY-19    John J. Faso                          Won by a Democrat

NY-21    Elise Stefanik                        Won re-election




Get ready. With the end of or diminished Medicare and  Social Security programs, income inequality between working Americans and Richie Rich will soon be even greater.  Republican politicians who just cut the tax bill of Richie Rich with their new tax laws and gave the US government trillion-dollar annual deficits from here to eternity in order to pay for Richie Rich tax cuts are now on the hunt to cut the deficit.  In 2019 these self-same Republicans will be coming after Medicare and Social Security deficits – not Richie’s. Republican don’t like budget deficits for the working man.

Medicare’s hospital insurance fund will be depleted in 2026, said the trustees who oversee the benefit program in an annual report. That is three years earlier than projected last year.  This year, like last year, Social Security’s trustees said the program’s two trust funds would be depleted in 2034. For the first time since 1982, Social Security has to dip into the trust fund to pay for the program this year.  *

Raise your hands.  Who thinks Republicans and Richie Rich will pay to save Social Security and Medicare?

Raise your hands.  Who thinks Richie Rich will pay for the coming trillion-dollar deficits of the US Government?

Raise your hands.  Who do you think will be paying (with none or lower benefits) for the coming financial crisis in Social Security and Medicare, Richie Rich or the working man?

Raise your hands.  Who do you think will be the losers – the working man or Richie Rich?  Raise them high!




As a consequence of the bitter Kavanaugh SC nomination, the press has suddenly discovered or decided that Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham (SC) has become a “slobbering Trump manservant”.  For much of the press, this new Lindsey Graham is a revelation or transformation from of a one-time political independent.   But to a practiced and independent eye, it is a less a revelation about Graham than about the press itself.

Day in day out our corporate media and its employees ‘take’ what politicians give as news; both sides especially love myths and mythmaking, it makes for easy news gathering and is easy on the reader’s eyes. And this pracitced art of ‘taking’ and mythmaking by the press and the giving by our politicians is done thankfully, gladly, profitably and professionally on both sides.

That our media or anyone else ever believed Lindsey Graham, before the Kavanaugh hearing, was independent minded and not a rabid practitioner of ruthless modern, GOP tactics and ethics is a case on point that we have an ample slobbering media which is full of “takers” who practice their profession without an ounce of discernment.

Our slobbering media without discernment is the real danger to a prospering democracy and has been a handmaiden to GOP myth making from the time of the Reagan myths right thru to Graham.  Shame.