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Bloomberg 7/17/17

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    The 1% phenomenon of the middleclass not sharing in the added wealth of the country for the last 40 years is probably playing a major role in the prolonged low inflation reading. The US middleclass worker has been schooled like Pavlov’s dog not to reach too high lest they be shown the door via outsourcing of their job to China, India, etc., imported Mexicans, HB1 visa job replacements, union busting, minimum wage now equals impoverishment wage, zero infrastructure investments, no apprentice programs. high cost of higher education and the Betsy Devos view of minimal public education effort for the middleclass
    It may take a revolution to get the middleclass a place back at the table. such that they are able to successfully demand wage increases that would increase inflation pressures.

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      The entire Great Recession was about squeezing out the system distortions which caused Americans to be overpaid compared to their counterparts in other countries. We are now at the New Normal.

      You can lead a revolution, but no one with your ideology is capable of running a functioning country. After all, that is how the elite became elite. Running a functioning country requires a lot more than your bloated sense of entitlement.