Notwithstanding all the wannabe pollsters now doubting Hilary Clinton’s chances while at the same time touting Trump as gaining ground – Donald Trump will lose the presidential election of 2016. That is not a bold prediction or news. What is news or will be historic news is the aftermath of this election when this ever losing Republican Party once again tries to reconcile its pretentious presidential ambitions with its ugly realities. 

So let’s look ahead. Let’s see how this Republican Party treats a loser and how that loser and his constituents treat the party.  Does the party right itself or does the party torch itself?  Is there anybody out there besides Donald Trump?  What, if anything, comes next for the Republican Party?

First of all, there will be grand Republican theater after this losing election. Right leaning pundits and talking heads will forever tell each other all about conniving Democrats and ‘learning lessons’ and hope and change and how a new and growing Republican Party is in their future. Fox News and Republican stalwarts will sit in great and grand circles and tirelessly talk past each other, “History is on our side,” they will repeat over and over again. But when all is said and done, they will be wrong.  History is not on their side.  They are confused. History has simply cast them to the side. And sadly, many of them know in their hearts they are wrong. This is a nominee and party that admits no mistakes. With blind faith they will continue to  ignore reality, policy, facts and the middle class and double down on the 1%, trickle down economics, ignorance and bigotry while continuously playing their favorite old dog whistle tunes to diminishing crowds of the faithful. 

Nothing will change in this Republican party. Trump will not be gone. Nor Cruz. Nor Perry.  Giuliani just arrived.  So has Chris Christie. None of the delusional wingnuts in the hinterlands will have learned a thing with this loss. Every gerrymandered elected Republican officeholder  is just too, too frightened and comfortable to risk needed change. Each and all of them mean to stay the course that got them elected – selfish and foolish to the last.

Trump and his followers have invested big time in the Republican Party.  Trump expects a big return on that investment.  But a new crop of decent, angry, globalized blue collar Trump supporters will not.  It is only the deplorables and Trump who will not willingly walk away from the only political party they can call home. No other party will have them.  The Republican Party is now theirs.  Win or lose, it is Trump and his deplorables who will be riding the thinning elephant carcass of this Republican Party into the next two generations of American politics.

The aftermath; expect, more of the same – endless, useless, bitter obstructionism from the GOP. Expect a wider, wackier selection of extreme candidates from the party.  Expect invested Republicans to circle the Clinton presidency like a flock of mythical harpies for the next eight years.  Expect the Republican Party to be diminished to fewer and fewer Americans each year and run by fewer and fewer extremists. Expect to say, a very, very long “goodbye” to this Republican Party. Trump and the deplorables have faith, they have seen the light and they mean to follow that light to a bitter and distant end.