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It is September 15, 2016. The presidential campaign is underway. The election draws nigh. The polls, the press and the pundits are sniffing around Hilary like predator on prey.  They sense something. They don’t know what, but there is something in the air that has bestirred their infallible killer instincts as reporters. Their reports are like chants: Benghazi. Libya. “Donald is up in Ohio. Benghazi. Libya. Hilary is down in Nevada. Hilary fainted. Pennsylvania is a tossup. Mistrust. Hilary has pneumonia. Dr. Oz says, “Trump is healthy.” Americans don’t trust Hilary. Benghazi. Libya. The polls have tightened. MSNBC’s, Chuck Todd, say’s “Hilary’s campaign is taking on water.” Untrustworthy. Benghazi. Libya.” Relentlessly they chant.  Night and day they chant.

Along side the chant, Hillary’s campaign drudges on, unperturbed. There is no alarm.

Trump too marches on. Like Sherman in the South, he scorches the truth everywhere.  But there is no alarm about the death of truth. The media doesn’t notice.  Their unerring killer instincts are elsewhere.




How did it happen?

Not too many years ago a Republican Congress and 41 Republican Congressmen voted against Hurricane Sandy relief for millions of desperate New York and New Jersey families. Also joining them in their gleeful, in your face, meanness and hypocrisy toward New York and New Jersey families were 31 Republican U.S. Senators led by Texas super hypocrites, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.

So how did it happen? How did it happen that come 2016, these same mean-spirited Congressmen and Senators who  loathe New York, its politics and its constituents are now the obedient and passionate political followers of Donald Trump and his mafia of Northeast Blue state politicians? How did it happen that Rudy Giuliani of NYC and Chris Christie of NJ are now leading spokesmen for the entire Republican Party and its presidential nominee?

How did it happen that wily, rural, cracker, GOP politicians and their country-folk constituents are happily traveling behind Donald Trump, the ultimate New Yorker, as he and his merry band of city-folk advisors take them and their party over the cliff?

The answer of course is the Con. The Con, according to Professor Harold Hill, works only when the mark hears the things he needs to hear. And with The Donald, “hear” they do. The Donald has conned the whole *@^#ing GOP shebang with what they like to hear. Donald, as a New Yorker, astutely knew going in, that in order to be a successful GOP politician he had to learn to play the GOP’s favorite dog-whistle tunes. So learn he did. Donald Trump learned like a virtuoso. In the primaries, not one Republican candidate was dumb enough or brazen enough to match the bile in Trump’s dog-whistle politics. They lost, he won.

In the general election race against a bland Hilary, a turbulent Donald hasn’t lost even one of the voters he earned in the primaries. And so long as he doesn’t frighten the fence sitters The Donald remains but one misstep by Hilary Clinton away from being the next President of the United States.  Like the Music Man, Professor Harold Hill, who knew nothing about music and almost succeeded in fleecing an entire Iowa town out of it music money, Trump who knew nothing about being a politician is on the verge of fleecing an entire nation. Talk about a Con.