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When Donald Trump began his great adventure, no body laughed out loud. That would have been rude. (Trump is rich after all.) The Republican Party was a big open tent. Everyone was welcome. Even the liberal, boorish New Yorker with orange hair (and money) was welcome. So the witless political industry politely and quietly ignored Donald Trump and continued to talk about Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. At Trump’s expense, journalists, the media, conservative politicians, liberal politicians, radio and TV talking heads, former Presidents, and Congress quietly giggled and said, ‘He can’t possibly be serious.’  

That was then.

Now we know. He was serious. Now we also know the forces that Donald Trump used to successfully power his astonishing political rise. Donald Trump combined two  old fashioned G.O.P. themes; the Southern Strategy and Willie Horton Republicanism. The resulting force was his most powerful and most rewarding political weapon. Trump’s political fortunes rocketed when the G.O.P. base and a stupefying media both came to identify with and lust after Trump’s in your face bigotry and his endlessly twittered deliberate political incorrectness. Among the field of primary candidates it was Trump and Trump alone who gave the Republican Party’s always coy racism a loud, proud, visceral voice. No one else was even close. And for that, the always coy racism deep down in the Republican base came alive for Trump.

Also important was Trump’s cultured image as the anti-establishment. The base found it easy to believe that this New York ‘billionaire know it all’ knew they had been suckered by establishment politicians and that he alone was the ‘straight talker’ candidate. The base felt betrayed and Trump told them by who, why and how they were sold out. They were betrayed by job stealing Mexicans, the Muslim President, stupid, sleazy politicians, un-American corporations, outsourcing, corporate inversions, bankers and job exporting trade pacts.  He said so out loud and he said it often. And the base loved him even more.

Finally there was Trump’s deserving and mocking defeat of an entire field of insipid professional, cookie cut G.O.P. politicians armed only with tired cliches. Trump dispatched them all after he rightfully labeled each of them incompetent and complicit in the betrayal of the G.O.P. middle class by sending their sons into a “stupid” war and sending their middle class jobs to Mexico and China. The base had their winner.

As a consequence, Donald Trump stole, for his personal use, the Republican Party. With it he captured the allegiance of a threatened and embittered Republican base. Trump moved an ever poorer, widely underemployed, unemployed, insecure, angry, white, threatened, frustrated conservative middle class primary voting base to act out against an entrenched and enriched G.O.P. political establishment.

On behalf of the base Trump told the G.O.P. establishment that he and the base had both tired of the Republican status quo. The time for preachers, promises, under delivering, inert, equivocating, non-governing Republican leadership had past. Trump told them ‘It was time America chose a deal maker for President.’ Again the base was pleased and appropriately rewarded The Donald. Trump, they said, should be the next Republican President of the United States.

Now, even if you listen very, very carefully, you will hear no more polite giggles at Donald’s expense.  But you do hear quiet; the breathless quiet of millions, holding their breath.



The NY Times editorial board as of July 2016, thinks Paul Ryan was “…— a once promising politician who has lost his way.” How perceptive and timely of the Times.   NOT!

For anyone paying attention, it is obvious that Paul Ryan was just another posturing, double talking anti union Republican politician, long on whiteness, privilege, dogma, homilies and lectures who was short of personal humility, talent and empathy for the governed.

With regard to Trump, Ryan’s genuflection before the man is nothing that was not entirely predictable. Ryan has been get-a-long, go-a-long, self serving politician since the get go of his career. As for being a wonk, all Republicans think anyone who favors cutting taxes, or ending Social Security is considered a wonk.

Ryan is what he is – not much.