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Bernie supporters are not anxious to sign up for the Democratic Party’s incrementalism this election year.  They want BIG progressive change – yesterday.  The Bern crowd is not inspired by the incremental change now neatly tucked into the cautious promises of the Hilary campaign. Therefore, if Hilary and the party want to bring Sanders supporters on board, changes in substance and passion are necessary. 

Light the fire – Hilary.  Lead boldly.  Mortgage yourself.  Mortgage your good conscience.   Promise them you are going to move heaven and fight thru hell on their behalf.  

Tell them; “No limits”.   Tell them, your dreams are their dreams. Tell them, you dream bigger, brighter and smarter than Trump, the G.O.P. and Bernie Sanders combined – with “no limits”.  That’s true and even the G.O.P. knows that’s true.  Tell them, there are “no limits” to your dreams.  Tell them – if they believe in universal healthcare or medicare for all;  if they are passionate about education,  if they believe in civil rights, women’s rights, unions, jobs, economic equality and justice for all – tell them that YOU are their President.

To win millennials , the economically wounded and the disaffected, Hilary, you must not settle for mere electoral triumphs, you must shoot the moon – you must rally dreams.


Worry, worry.

Worry, worry.  The dramatists are portraying Bernie’s ongoing uphill struggle as the equivalent of Hilary’s failures, not to mention the demise of the entire Democratic Party.

Pshaw, say I.  Come the summer doldrums of the political season coupled with public fatigue of the raunchy and never-ending Trump Show, back will come Bernie to the Progressive backbench.  In September, October and November Bernie will do more than Barack Obama to elect Hilary.  Bernie has already done more to elect Hilary than Hilary.  He has broadened the party and made being a liberal a point of pride rather than a badge of shame.  Thanks to Bernie, liberals are having a ‘coming out’ party.  Gone is the shame of being a progressive in the Democratic Party.  Not to worry about Bernie.  Worry instead that Bill Clinton doesn’t backslide the Democratic Party to his centrist mode that gave us Max Baucus, Joe Lieberman and NAFTA.  UGH!



Congratulations to rank and file Republicans. You won. Trump won the Republican Party presidential nomination. Savor your rare political victory. Blue collar voters don’t often win in American politics. Beyond poll numbers, blue collars rarely ever matter to the political class who orchestrate primary campaigns and general elections. But this time, bread and butter Americans of the Republican persuasion defied the professional political class and won an amazing, historic and gigantic political victory for themselves and their candidate.

Down went the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, the rich insiders and all their chosen ones; down went Carly and low energy Bush, down went, somebody’s son, Rand Paul, down went Perry and Cruz, the Texas crazies, down went “little“ Marco, ‘tag a long’ Kasich and George ‘delusional’ Pataki. Down went William Kristol and the fossilized Republican brain trust. Now outside and looking in on your victory are the hungry, homeless dollars of corporate donors, lobbyists, PACs, bankers, the 1% and the slow witted pundits who got the Trump story wrong from the get go.

Up are the hopes, dreams and pride of middle class Republicans.



Now that Republicans have all but chosen to line up behind Trump’s candidacy of lunacy I am nevertheless relieved. It could have been worse. The risks to this country posed by a Trump presidency are miniscule when compared to a presidency of the narcissistic “lying” Senator from Texas. Let us count our blessings.