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I am on a mission. I am a talented, prepared, exceptional  conservative. My father is a born again preacher. Like him, I also preach.  I am a politician.  People love my voice, it is high nasal twang. I make listeners wait on every word. Texans love me. I am capable of great things.  I once won one election to office. I once shut down the entire U.S. government. I am devout. I urge all Americans to travel God’s path. I am politically successful – always. No matter election outcomes, I do not loose – I spin, I win.  I preach and pray on all political matters. I prayed on my candidacy for the office of President of the United States.  My candidacy has God’s blessing.

Liberals, Barak Obama and establishment Republicans are bringing ruination to America. I will protect religious freedom and the Bill of Rights. I will do God’s work. I will protect America from its enemies – they are everywhere.

I repulse the enemy. The enemy then speaks harshly of me. Former House Speaker John Boehner, a wicked establishment Republican said, “I’ve never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.” I am pleased with my work.

The whining, godless, presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump calls me “lying Ted.” I am winning.

New Yorkers from Brooklyn gesture and say, “I’ve got your New York values right here.”  I really don’t understand New Yorkers.

Trump won?





Younger Americans haven’t read their memos. And that has the punditry, donor and corporate class on alert. America’s surprising attraction to a ‘socialist’ candidate for President is unnerving the status quo – Democrats and Republicans alike.   Their angst however, might give the rest of us hope.

While Hillary Clinton is still favored to win the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders has upended the traditional political messaging apparatus of the status quo. In 2016, millennials are ignoring their status quo messages.   They are ignoring the messages designed to limit our political expectations on healthcare, education, justice, jobs and Social Security. Somehow Sanders’ millennial supporters and not a few of their elders have made the passage into 2016 with greater political expectations for themselves and their children. They are demanding more from their politicians and their government.

As Americans, we live in a land of endless messaging and memos from the status quo.   The messages are tangible, they are virtual. They are free and inescapable. We wait in line for memos. We pay for memos. They are our social queues and our living guides. We learn our political expectations from punditry, the media, from TV and radio, online, school, our neighbors, advertising, movies, billboards, churches, lore, heroes, etc., etc. We get corporate memos, religious memos, social memos, political memos, cultural memos. We are dunned daily and hourly with memos and messaging. And basically all the messaging reflects the interests of the empowered – the status quo.

Each of us – young, old, rich, poor, black, white, god loving and the godless are told we are at war, everywhere. We are in debt we are scolded. We have ‘takers’ among us. We are in moral crisis. We must cherish the military, the law. We have need of guns. The status quo we are patriotically informed is stressed and cannot compete – we must sacrifice.   We cannot afford living wages or pensions, housing or education; we must lower corporate taxes and business costs, say the memos.   Protect job creators we are urged. Hold fast, we are told. Be patient. Wave your flag. Obey your God, and beware their God.

We are schooled and warned ad nauseam by the empowered status quo. And for the most part, those memos and exhortations carry their weight. As a people, we are at one with the status quo. Like pets, we are trained to move peaceably within its confines. Americans obligingly and dutifully limit their political expectations. We move along. We get along. We abide, we keep our head down – we please the status quo.

We learn from messaging that universal health care is un-American; it is socialism. Healthcare is best left to private insurance. We salivate, we agree. The memos teach and we learn that education is costly. We learn that teachers, school buildings, infrastructure and research are expensive – that not everyone needs an education or college. We learn all Americans do not need a living wage. Generation after generation of Americans have thus learned to wave a flag and stand fast with the empowered – the status quo.

All but these young Bernie Sanders’ supporters who do not read their memos.  They do not salivate. They do not agree.  They give the rest of us hope.




Presidential candidate Donald Trump is the devil according to William Kristol, editor of the influential and conservative Weekly Standard. According to Kristol and like-minded Republicans, the true conservative movement is at existential risk from a Donald Trump nomination. Accordingly, Kristol and his true believers have decided that they will not suffer their blue blood, pure bred, free trade, conservative movement to be stained by an impure New Yorker and his blue collar supporters. The deed will be done; Trump’s head will be toppled to save the G.O.P.

Unlike Macbeth however, Kristol and those who would deny Donald Trump a rightful nomination will not be attacking mere spirits. This palace coup will be facing off against an irrepressible and dangerous devil’s dilemma in Donald Trump.  The consequences could be tectonic.

Kristol has no good choices.  On one hand, the choice is to deny Trump the nomination and then lose the general election by alienating Trump’s populist G.O.P. base. On the other hand, the choice is to endure Trump’s nomination and then lose the general election because they offended independents and alienated G.O.P. elites such as the Kristol and Bush type Republicans.

The task for Mr. Kristol and his plotters also has a further complication. It is The Donald, who speaks with authority for a restive and angry G.O.P. base, not Kristol. The troops want Donald; he is their choice. The base wants action; not another generation of endless, fruitless trickle-down economics homilies. The complication then, is that if the establishment severs Trump’s head, they will also sever the G.O.P from an absolutely vital, white, male, G.O.P. voter base. So what to do?

Which will it be Mr. Kristol? Believe the devil Donald you once celebrated as a principal in the G.O.P. tent will politely walk off-stage once your deed is done? Then move ahead, Mr. Kristol. Believe a betrayed Trump will not burn down the entire G.O.P. village? Move ahead, Mr. Kristol. Believe shadowy rules and legalese will disguise anti-Trump convention treachery?  Go forward, Mr. Kristol. Believe that a blatant and public political beheading of Donald Trump by an entrenched political class and trade pact beneficiaries can be disguised? Go forward, Mr. Kristol. Believe Cruz is your man – your path to November victory? Then do the deed, Mr. Kristol. Make history.

However, in an alternate universe, it may be that Donald Trump is not really the root of the G.O.P.’s problem. It may be that Trump has identified a profound and fatal G.O.P. wound; the once reliable and pliable G.O.P. blue collar base may at last be striking out on its own, leaving behind the corporates, the rich and office-holder Republicans.

It may be that it is Mr. Kristol and his party’s snobbish indifference to Trump’s working class supporters that is the root problem.  It may be that Trump’s supporters are not simply angry white trash as depicted by National Review’s, Kevin Williamson. It may be that tax breaks for the 1% are really not helpful in the lives of Trump’s blue collar Republicans. It may be that corporate inversions, tax breaks and job exports have truly hurt Trump’s blue collar supporters. It may be, like Trump, the base resents the G.O.P’s deference to the dollar and donor class over the middle-class. It may be that Conservative National Review columnist David French and his party’s elite are unhelpful  and amoral when they say that the “…dysfunctional, downscale communities” of Trump supporters “deserve to die.”

Hold tight everyone, while the Republican establishment chooses which side of The Donald Dilemma they prefer.