TAKE NOTE: Some in the political class are taking a second look at traditional apprenticeship programs.  They are seeing Local 28 style apprentice programs as valuable and practical educational alternatives to expensive college degrees and as a way for the next generation of young Americans to work their way into many of today’s well-paying but unmanned high tech jobs.  Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has an idea which if it were ever to become law, could greatly benefit union building trade’s contractors with a $1500.00 annual tax write-off for each apprentice on their payroll.  Surprisingly and fortunately for Hillary and her ideas, even a few moderate congressional Republican legislators also think that apprenticeships may be an idea whose time has come. 

While none of this is going to become law any time soon, the subject and issues involved clearly illustrate the importance of politics to our financial well-being and why; working people and union members need to ‘vote their pocketbook.  Hillary’s legislative proposals could be a competitive boost for union contractors and the entire union building trade’s movement – which, in turn, helps support Local 28 and the financial pocket-books of every member and their families.

Need proof that pocket-book politics count? 

Compare the Clinton approach to that of the Republican Presidential hopefuls.  Carefully consider, for example, Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker. Walker now proudly brags to any and all who will listen to his political drivel that he is the only U.S. governor who was ever able to break the unions in his state.  Take a good long moment and think about Walker’s boast.  Think about what his election as the President of the United States would mean to the union movement and the financial future of Local 28 members and our brothers and sisters across the country.  What Walker did in Wisconsin is just a sample of what he will do nationwide and in N.Y.C./L.I.  Compare the Clinton approach to that of the anti-union, billionaire, Koch Brothers who definitely know how to vote their pocketbooks.  As does Donald Trump; as do most all the world’s billionaires.  They are nobody’s political fools.  Additionally they spend multi-billions of dollars on red herring political ads and issues cleverly designed to make working stiffs into working political fools.  Let’s not be their fools.  Let’s do our bit.  Let’s keep faith with Union Solidarity and vote our pocketbooks.