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For those interested in reading the case law opinions related to the Cool Wind settlement below are some links to the Allen Bradley case and the two Cool Wind legal opinions.  Thanks MS.






The I.A. is leaving.  It is a new day in Local 28 with new officials.

Looking ahead but not forgetting our past – now may be a good time for Local 28’s new officials to take a fresh look at the old Cool Wind agreement and its “hands off” legal settlement with Local 28.

Concerning Cool Wind:  Years ago, a Local 28 official may have made a few wrong decisions.  In brief, Cool Wind accused Local 28 of allegedly illegal and harmful actions.  Consequently, Cool Wind successfully pursued a legal action against Local 28 threatening criminal and civil prosecutions and was, thereby, able to secure a legal settlement from Local 28.  Apparently the legal settlement, in lieu of possible criminal charges and convictions, fines and or monetary damages, enjoins Local 28 from any picketing, job actions and organizing efforts against Cool Wind.  The full written settlement document is not available.

Normally Ventlines urges extreme caution when engaging the services of lawyers.  Lawyers should be used only in very extreme circumstances.  If you need a lawyer you have probably already made some pretty bad decisions.  Such seems the case with Cool Wind.

The Cool Wind agreement is a finger in Local 28’s eye.  The Cool Wind agreement is a powerful obstacle to the success of Local 28’s basic mission, harmful to the membership and a financial handicap to signed union contractors.  The agreement ought to be made public and reexamined with fresh leadership eyes, fresh membership eyes and fresh legal eyes.

Does the agreement restrain Local 28 in perpetuity?  Do such agreements bar Local 28 or third party labor interests from hand billing or free speech picketing?  If Local 28 cannot picket, can the Building Trades in pursuit of its own self-interest picket Cool Wind?  Is the Cool Wind agreement illegal?  Do officials have the legal authority to consummate such agreements?  Did the agreement violate our charter and constitution?  Did the agreement illegally forfeit a member’s individual right to free speech and freedom of association?  Are there any legal grounds whatsoever on which the Cool Wind agreement can be overturned?  Should we accept the costs and pursue available legal remedies?  If not – should we simply repudiate the Cool Wind agreement?  What would be the consequences?  Should Local 28 endure those consequences and costs in order to regain its right to protect its jurisdiction, membership and contractors?  Are we stuck with the Cool Wind agreement?  Let’s find out.

The effort to overcome or overturn the Cool Wind agreement should not replace a new and larger Local 28 effort to retain and regain market share on behalf of its members and union contractors – both efforts should be done in tandem.  Given the new day and new officials, the high unemployment count and current market share concerns, Local 28 might be well served if we take a serious second look at the causes and consequences of Cool Wind type legal agreements.






BUSINESS AGENT:                                 SAL STARACE

EXECUTIVE BOARD:                              DERECK ORDWAY

EXECUTIVE BOARD:                              CHRIS MESLIN

EXECUTIVE BOARD:                              TIMMY WILTON

EXECUTIVE BOARD:                              ED VECCHIO

TRUSTEE:                                              FRANK NOLAN

TRUSTEE:                                              HENSION PHILLIP

CONDUCTOR:                                       RAY LAWLOR







This is one of the most important elections in the history of Local 28.  We have been under constant trusteeship and supervision by the IA for almost five years.  We have many challenges that we must work on together.  Your voice needs to be heard in the negotiation of our contract, to protect our working conditions, and to fight against things like the 8 hour day.  Now it’s time for the members to run this Union.

That’s why I’m asking for your vote on March 21st — to re-elect me as President and Business Manager of Local 28.  You know who I am and you know what I’ve done.  As a working member, a shop steward, or a full-time official, I stand for honesty, integrity and independence.  I have always stood up for you, the members — for your rights on the job and your rights in the Union — and I always will.  I have always worked hard to protect your Funds — the source of your family’s healthcare and the guarantee of your retirement.  But most important of all, I have always been a Sheet Metal Worker.  I worked with the tools before I became an officer and I worked with the tools after leaving office — unlike some other officials, I did not move into management as soon as I left office. I have a strong work ethic, whether on a job site or in the Union office. For me, a “fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay” is a bedrock principle.

This is the third time in the last four years that I’ve-run for the office of President and Business Manager. Here are the past results: May 2012 — elected overwhelmingly.  June 2013 re-elected overwhelmingly.

When I was Pres./Bus. Mgr., I worked hard every day to earn your confidence, and I HIGHLLY value the trust you placed in me.  If you decide to re-elect me on March 21st, I can promise you this:

  • I will attend every Union meeting and I ask you to do the same. The only way to really take back this Local is full membership participation.
  • We will go back to having real Union meetings — not “informational” meetings. Meetings where members have the right to speak freely on the microphone without being called out of order. Meet- ings where your questions will be answered, your ideas listened to, and your input welcomed. Meetings where you will get a monthly Funds report.  When was the last time you were given a monthly Funds report? Answer: When I was Pres./Bus. Mgr. My opponent, Brian McBrearty, as the sole Local 28 Trustee on the Funds, hasn’t given a Funds report to the members in more than a year.  It’s your money and they’re your Funds — you deserve nothing less.
  • When I was Pres./Bus. Mgr. and a Fund Trustee, we fought to bring a lawsuit against delinquent Employers who owed the Funds upwards of $20 million . By contrast, when the lawsuit was put on hold last year, McBrearty didn’t utter a peep in oppostion. In the darkest times faced by this Local Union and its Funds , McBrearty failed to stand up for the members.
  • I will fight any effort to deprive our retirees of the right to vote in Union elections. Our retirees built this Union — they taught us about brotherhood and sisterhood. In my administration, we will never turn our backs on the retirees.  Recall the Union meeting last year where, in a division of the house, McBrearty stood up with a handful of members who tried to take away the retirees’ right to vote. Fortunately, it was voted down overwhelmingly.
  • I will strengthen the Organizing Department, and make every effort to increase our market share. I have experience in maintaining market share.   MARKET SHARE  and JOBS will be my highest priority.  I’ve negotiated PLA’s and sat on the Joint Labor- Management Market Recovery Fund. But let’s not kid ourselves — market share is important, but only if we actually collect the benefit fund money from the contractors. In the short time that I was Pres./Bus. Mgr., we collected millions of dollars in delinquencies which had built up over previous years. In one year alone, we increased both the Welfare and Pension Fund assets by over 20%. And we saved millions by moving from MagnaCare to Empire BlueCross/BlueShield. We can do amazing things with just hard work and honesty.

I really don’t know what my opponent plans to do if he is elected.  I sure couldn’t figure it out watching his YouTube video.  But I wonder this: if McBrearty wanted to be Pres./Bus. Mgr. of this Local Union, why didn’t he have the guts to run for the job in the last election — instead of speaking at the Trusteeship hearing in favor of putting Local 28 into Trusteeship –  hoping to be appointed as Pres./Bus. Mgr.?

Don’t get me wrong.  I want to respect the IA and I want the IA to respect Local 28.  If I’m elected President/Business Manager of Local 28, I have every intention of reaching out to the IA, and working together with them, in order to strengthen our Local Union and improve the lives of our members.

The Trusteeship will be over in another month and we’ll have taken back our Union.  The IA has said it is leaving and if they’re telling the truth there will be no issue.  Local 28 will once again be run by its members and their ELECTED officials.  I am asking for your vote once again.  Vote KEVIN CONNORS for President/Business Manager.on March 21st.  Together we can make a difference.

  • As President/Business Manager, I have not forgotten where I came from!
  • When you vote, remember, you don’t work for me, I work for you. My only allegiance is to you, the Sheet Metal Worker!
  • If you don’t know me, just ask someone who does!

REMEMBER, you can TRUST Kevin Connors 

Fraternally yours,

Kevin Connors   IA# 780211



Hello Brother and Sister members, hope all is well with everyone.

Thank you for your past support in ELECTING ME to the position of Local 28 Financial Secretary Treasurer/ Recording Secretary. I am now seeking your continued support in the upcoming special election March 21, 2015.

Upon my first election in 2010 as FST/Rec Sec, one of my constitutional duties was to have an exit audit conducted for the previous 6 month period. I received much flak and resistance from our then President/Business Manager for trying to accomplish this exit audit but with persistence and due diligence I was finally able to have this task completed with an independent auditor. When the audit was complete, we observed many inconsistencies, which led to an audit of the Trust Funds. The completion of the audit of the trust funds brought to light the complete disregard that our then Pres/Bus Man and Funds Administrator had towards our hard earned, benefit monies.

In simple terms they put our benefit monies in one account and used it as their PRIVATE CASH BOX. Case in point, while on my campaign trail prior to my 1st election I spoke to 2 brother sketchers.  They explained to me that five to six months prior they compared their annuity statements to their hours worked and were both short many thousands of dollars. They contacted their boss who said he paid their benefits.  Then they contacted our Funds Administrator John McGrath, then about 2 weeks later these thousands of dollars miraculously appeared in their annuity accounts. I’m pretty sure most of us don’t scrutinize our annuity statements and hours worked very closely. I wonder how many members may have had this same situation and never realized it. This is only one instance of the many ways that our previous Funds Administrator was able to steal our hard- earned benefit monies in his PRIVATE CASH BOX.

I was one of the trustees that followed the proper hiring procedures and hired our current Funds Administrator. He works for us, every member of local 28 and can be held accountable by every member. Under the current Funds Administrator Glen Camisa, the contractors remit benefit monies to the funds office, which include reports with member’s names and hours worked accordingly, these monies are then distributed to their proper accounts in an orderly fashion.

Another occurrence during my early days as our FST/Rec Sec our Funds Administrator sent me an invoice for hundreds of thousands of dollars, to send to the International for dues and assessments.

I spoke to the controller in the union office and she told me this is how it has been done since she’s been here for the last two years.  Well I wasn’t about to send 100’s of thousands of dollars to anyone without some back up or breakdown(members names and hours worked).  I emailed the Funds Administrator requesting backup. He got back to me two days later, stating he spoke to the Pres/Bus Man and the attorneys and they said I don’t need backup and won’t get back up, just mail the check.  I didn’t mail it and have never mailed it. This went on for years prior to my election.  I just wonder how much of our hard earned money was squandered before I insisted on back up. We all know that our Pres/Bus Man, Funds administrator and Joe Nigro were very friendly. This money was being remitted to the General Secretary Treasurer at the International. The General Secretary Treasurer at that time was none other than Joe Nigro, so you put two and two together.

By the way it is official Joe Nigro will retire April 30th, I suppose he plans on riding off into the sunset.

My first term as our FST/Rec Sec I was responsible for reducing the cost for the computer company hired by our then Pres/ Bus Man and Funds Administrator to install the workforce reporting system. That cost I reduced from 80k per month to 25k per month, lowering the monthly expenditures by 55k per month. 

Another issue I came across was, health and welfare premiums were not being paid for full time elected officials.  I rectified this issue by reducing full-time official salaries and making back payments as far as the statute of limitations required. Without my realizing and rectifying this issue Local 28 could have had MAJOR problems with the Department of Labor.

I am proud to say that myself and the other Full-Time elected officials asked for assistance from the International with the then General President being Michael Sullivan. This assistance led to the original warranted and legal Trusteeship.  During this trusteeship we removed the President/ Business Manager and Funds Administrator, we cleaned up the trust funds office in Mineola by hiring a Funds Administrator with an education in funds administration. I released the Controller at the union office and hired a Certified Public Accountant as the new Controller at the union office, to help implement many of the needed improvements over the accounting operations, and also assisting in accurately keeping the information needed to help settle the court case.

There is a need for the membership to understand why Local 28 is in this big mess of the current illegal and unwarranted trusteeship.

When Mike Sullivan retired as General President of the IA and Joe Nigro was appointed the new General President of the IA, things took a turn for the worse for the relationship between Local 28 and the IA. Joe Nigro and his henchman Marc Norberg routinely put unneeded demands and tasks on Kevin Connors and myself. Keeping us unnecessarily busy while we should have been conducting Local 28 union business. Undauntedly we complied and completed these demands and tasks, all the time knowing that they just wanted us to make one mistake or error so they could justifiably remove both of us. After we filed the lawsuit against Mike Belluzzi, John McGrath and John Gil to recoup lost, missing or stolen benefit monies the demands and tasks heated up, until finally Joe Nigro made a demand to Kevin Connors that he drop the lawsuit and have the other union trustees (Myself, Frank Nitto, Ray Minieri and Ralph Tortora) agree to dropping the lawsuit, to which we all said absolutely NO. We all knew by not obeying his command he would have grounds to remove all of us.  A short time after the funds trust meeting in which we (the union trustee’s) did not dismiss the lawsuit, Joe Nigro’s henchman Marc Norberg showed up at Local 28’s office during a full-time officials meeting and suspended all five of us trustee’s, eventually removing Kevin and I from our positions. After our removal as everyone knows we filed a lawsuit against the IA to prove that the trusteeship is unwarranted and illegal and to have the trusteeship lifted. What many members don’t know is, since our removal we have been working with the tools along side many of our members but on our own time working behind the scenes on this lawsuit.


Well our mission has been accomplished.

Approximately one month ago the attorneys on both sides of the lawsuit  drew  up a stipulation agreement that has been signed and approved by all the plaintiffs and defendants. In short the stipulation states that nominations will be held on Feb21st,  Elections will be held on March 21st and the installation of newly elected officials will be April 21st. After installation of officials the trusteeship will be lifted and the IA will leave. Within 5 days of the IA’s departure our lawsuit against the IA will be dismissed.

I discovered CORRUPTION,  I disclosed CORRUPTION and I was a big part of removing CORRUPTION from Local 28. I have saved tens of thousands of dollars in monthly costs. I helped clean out and improve services at the funds and union offices. I have RESTORED FINANCIAL INTEGRITY. I’ve stood up for all of us as members of Local 28 since day one and have continued to stand up for us since that ugly day November 13th 2013 when Joe Nigro instituted his bogus trusteeship on us. I was part of the process in moving Local 28 forward until that ugly day and I look forward to being a part of moving Local 28 forward in the future I know as members of Local 28 we are strong and resilient and we can overcome these harsh times due to the bogus trusteeship and the down turn of employment but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. The light  being April 21st and the lifting of the trusteeship.

With that said I ask all of us to UNITE and come together to be that great local that we once were.




1    4      ALL        &       ALL       4   1






SMART General President, Joseph Nigro reportedly, will be retiring effective April 30, 2015.

It is likely the SMART General Executive Council members, in special session, will nominate and elect General Secretary Treasurer, Joseph Sellers, Jr. to replace Joseph Nigro as the next General President of SMART.

It is also likely the SMART General Executive Council members, in special session, will nominate and elect I.A. Chief of Staff, Rich McClees to replace Joseph Sellers, Jr. as the next General Secretary Treasurer of SMART.

Brother Sellers is a member and past Business Manager of Philadelphia, Local 19.  Brother McClees is a member and past Business Manager of San Diego, Local 206.

Brother Nigro, reportedly, has been suffering health issues. VENTLINES on behalf of all fair minded Local 28 members wishes Brother Nigro a quick recovery and a long, healthy retirement.

The SMART leadership team of Sellers and McClees has an earned and enviable reputation of being talented and energetic individuals.  VENTLINES wishes them success and wisdom in the performance of their new official duties.




My name is Sal Starace and here is my letter if you didn’t receive it in the mail.

• Elected to Executive Board 2013
• Bachelors Degree in Accounting (earned while working full time in lc 28)
• Earning Certificate in Labor Relations at Cornell School of Labor Studies (taking classes in, Collective Bargaining, Contemporary Labor Issues, Arbitration and Contract Administration)
• Chairman of the 2015 Picnic Committee
• Shop Steward
• Foreman
• Treasurer of Condo Association 520 Park Ave (8 yrs.)
• Completed all Training Center drafting classes
• Third generation sheetmetal worker

Brothers and Sisters,

First, I would like to thank you for electing me to your Executive Board in 2013; it has been an honor and privilege to serve on your behalf. The knowledge I have gained serving in this position regarding our union’s policy and procedure has been instrumental to how I approach jobsite situations. On February 21, 2015 I accepted the nomination for Business Agent.

When I ran for Executive Board in 2013, I committed to furthering my education to better serve the union; I am currently taking classes at Cornell School of Labor studies to earn a Certificate in Labor Relations. The program coordinator, David Unger believes Union Labor will change drastically over the next 10 years; unions will need to reinvent themselves to ensure the survival of union labor for years to come. Strong leadership to sculpt the jurisdiction changes, deal with wage wars, job site changes and the conflicts for the working class that are going to occur will be key to ensure the survival of union labor.

Local 28 has had it challenges over the past 5-6 years with the removal of 2 presidents and the trusteeship. We need to put checks and balances in place to ensure we manage ourselves so that our union avoids another trusteeship. This distraction of issues has caused our work to become the target of rogue unions and non-union alike. The key to survival of local 28 is strong young leadership that can introduce new ideas utilizing up to the minute technology and information. Our old way of working is doing nothing to gain market share. Fax machines and snail mail need to be replaced by text messaging, scanning and email. We are falling behind our adversaries by not adapting to new technology.

Our Business Agents should be working closely with their shop stewards to monitor jobs we have members on. Shop stewards need to be placed more frequently to protect work, ensure proper work conditions and to maintain a high level of performance. Shop steward classes are extremely important to ensure a consistent approach. Currently, I am working at Suny Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn – we have been vigilant on this jobsite. We are working on everything from cooling towers to temporary heat in the building. We have added 4 members from the hall to do temporary heat around the clock – amassing over 2000 hours of work over the past 3 months, if we attach duct to it, we will maintain it. We have fought with the Steamfitters to take work that is ours such as cooling tower installation. Railings, ladders, platforms and cages are ours, we claimed it and weren’t denied. We are currently pushing to do the siding in the building fighting the carpenters and putting more members to work. I presented a 10-page report with jobsite, material and pictures of the types of siding we have done in the past. The General Contractor (GC) hung that report on his wall in his office. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, providing Business Agents with such reports are a tool that can be provided to (GC) whether its siding, louvers, decking or duct, most times these contractors want assurance of the quality of our work. We are currently trying to claim back louvers that the GC’s gave to the glaziers. When I am approached with the question, “Is this our work?” my first response is Yes, the burden is then on someone else to take it from me.

Becoming a prime contractor is extremely important in gaining market share; currently we are at the mercy of local 638. One way to fight local 638 is to evaluate the profitability and impact of forming a service division to service the units we install. Creating another sector in our union school or hiring service technicians out of technical schools should be commonplace. Drafting is also a very important part of our scope of work. Setting up night classes to teach our draftsmen to do a full mechanical set of prints (i.e. plumbing, electrical and steamfitter pipe), can also help Local 28 move in the direction of becoming a prime contractor. If we present a full package mechanical, we can work closely with the GC to coordinate the whole mechanical side alleviating cost and aggravation for the GC and giving us a foot in the door.

Communication is very important with the new technology out there. I presented Nixle to the E Board. Nixle is a mass text messaging service that allows members to get up to the minute communications on union events, meetings, death notices and anything else the union needs to inform the membership immediately. The E Board was discussing this system along with other systems when the trusteeship began, putting everything on hold that we discussed. Nixle is $1200 a year for the membership and has no maintenance costs. It’s simple for both the administration and the membership to use. If Nixle saved the administration on one mailing it would pay for itself for 3 years.

Organizing is an extremely important part of any union trade. Having one organizer in all of New York is unacceptable. I feel at least 3 organizers are needed to cover such a large area. Organizers are partially subsidized by the International, we need to utilize this and supply our Business Agents with some help out in the field. Business agents and organizers should be utilizing IA classes to further educate themselves in labor issues surrounding unions such as ours.

Political action is another approach to maintain and grow market share. We need to establish relationships with politicians at the lower levels. Working with politicians at the city council level and continuing to work with them as they move to higher positions in the city, state and federal government will establish long-term relationships at all levels of government. City council members preach safety; this is where marketing comes in handy, Local 28 needs to market itself as the “safest union” in the city. Set up our apprentice program with every safety class known, set up night classes with 30 hour OSHA, suspended scaffolding classes etc. Utilize federal, state and city grants to give safety classes. Non-union and rogue unions have given us a lot of documented media coverage of their job hazards that we can use to our advantage to document our safety record. City politicians love safety.

I was disappointed with the decision of not being allowed to vote on our CBA since the right to vote is fundamental to what unions stand for. I did everything I could as an E Board member to convince Bob Diorio and Joe Nigro to let the membership vote. I will not support anybody that stood with the IA during this past trusteeship because of this. As your Business Agent I will fight to maintain our work, create new jurisdictions, create man-hours and bring our market share up. I will be easy to reach at any time and will make sure contact with our membership takes precedence. It is time we as the membership take control and elect a strong young leadership team that will implement changes needed to take back our work and take us in a direction that will ensure our survival for generations to come. On March 21,2015 I ask for your vote for Business Agent, let me work for you.

Fraternally yours,
Sal Starace
IA 932546



Brothers and Sisters,
My name is Ed Vecchio, and on Saturday, March 21,I am seeking your support and, most importantly, your vote to allow me the privilege of representing you and being your voice on the Local 28 Executive Board. Over the course of my thirty four year career, I have performed many aspects of our work; from roof decking to duct work, siding and metal roofing, boiler and garbage chutes, welding and soldering, enclosures, louvres and skylights, as well as various unique specialty installations that are a part of our jurisdiction. Many times over the years, I have been called upon by our Union to leave a job in order to man a job in our jurisdiction to protect our work and create the opportunity for other sheet metal workers to be put to work based on my performance. I did this without fail and was always successful in achieving the desired results. I have been the evening OSHA Instructor for the past three years as well as an evening Architectural Metal Instructor at the Nicholas Maldarelli Training Center. Through continuous OSHA training , I have been reminding, preparing, and turning out a more safety oriented and workforce, which in turn will lead to greater job opportunities for contractors, hence, more work opportunities for Local 28 with less injuries. I am a member of the Credentialing Committee whose purpose is to streamline and improve the operation and efficiency of the Voluntary Referral Hall. Additionally, I have been a foreman or shop steward on various jobs throughout my career.
There are many things that I would like to see changed or improved for the benefit of all our members and, while I realize that the E Board is essentially an advisory board that cannot directly affect change, the seeds for change can be planted by an E Board member in hopes of it blossoming into a positive result the actions of the Administration and membership.
I would want to explore and utilize any and all ways possible that would enable us to put more Organizers on the road. We should thoroughly review and revamp the “B” agreement…too many contractors seem to be taking advantage of apparent loopholes and lack of policing of the agreement, costing many members work opportunities at the “A” rate. The hiring of “B” workers and Specialty workers off the street for a nominal fee MUST BE STOPPED , especially with the high rate of unemployment that many brothers and sisters have been experiencing for the last several months. In addition, this practice creates a sense of total loyalty to the contractor as opposed to the union because of the limited work opportunities available to them. This scenario can compromise our conditions as well as the quality of our work ! I would like to see our market share expand through the addition and expansion of various trade aspects such as service work, duct cleaning, and architectural metal and facilitating the process of becoming a contractor for these and any other part of our trade for any of our members who would consider going into business. Perhaps one way this could be achieved by covering the bond and the insurance that probably prevents some members from trying to open up shop. I would strongly suggest that the Local 28 website be revamped with a new, competent manager that would better inform members of all activities as well as creating the ability to send, receive and download mail. Among other things, this would enable members to download and print information for members who may not have access to the internet. It would also allow future candidates to send their campaign letter to the site , thereby cutting the cost of a campaign letter mailing dramatically. I do not think it should cost any member that is willing to sacrifice their time for the betterment of the union thousands of dollars to run for an elected position. I am sure that the cost of a mailing, among other expenses has probably held back some qualified members from “throwing their hat in the ring.”
Even though I have been around for a long time, I represent a fresh, yet experienced face to the E Board. I will always speak my mind and bring members ideas to the table for consideration. I will never go along to get along and I will always base any and all of my decisions for the best interests of the members of Local 28 !!
On Saturday, March 21, I hope I can count on your vote for a smart , positive change to the Executive Board.
Ed Vecchio
IA # 787642



A surprisingly good read for any member.  Historic IA issues making a comeback with modern twists.


SMWIA itself: the tension between local autonomy: and IA authority, the failure to organize outside of city centers, the competing interests of building trades and production workers, the rise and fall of different branches of the trade, and the difficulty of sustaining an international organization through times of economic depression, corporate and political hostility, and internal conflict.

Because this history follows three different IA administrations over the last thirty years, it is, in a sense, a study in leadership: It pits visions of what the union could and should be against the everyday realities of internal politics, practical economics, and competing interests. It examines the difficulty of implementing change—even when the stakes are high—in an organization that values tradition and local autonomy. And it weighs the benefits of satisfying short-term demands against the costs of ignoring the future, a risky calculation for any sitting president but one that cannot be ignored for long if the



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Fernando Robles and I am running for a position on the Executive Board. I am a Proud first generation Sheet Metal Worker. Local 28 has afforded me the opportunity to provide more for my children than I ever had as a kid growing up in NYC; and I feel that this is the right moment for me to give something back in return.

Although the state of our union is not ideal at this time, Local 28 members are still amongst the highest paid and proficient construction workers in the country. We are fortunate to be part of a brotherhood with over 100 years of a grand history serving New York City and Long Island.

I feel the membership is eager to become more involved. One of my first objectives when elected to the E Board would be to recommend that each member be issued a secure Local 28 e-mail address so that we can “go green” with most of our mail and communication. This would ensure quicker information to the membership; enabling officials to send out instant alerts regarding rallies, pickets, special events and all other union business while eliminating unnecessary postage costs and delays.

These past two Trusteeships have truly tested the will of our membership. There is a common misconception within our union that our members do not stick together; but this past summer I saw different. On Monday July 28, 2014, I remember leaving work with my partner and a few co-workers, getting off the train by the Brooklyn Bridge and seeing 3 or 4 Tinknockers sitting on a bench. We grabbed those guys and walked into City Hall Park, to find 30 men and women standing there waiting to rally, and they kept coming; 2, 5, 10, 20, and 25 at a time, until the park was filled with over 700 Sheet Metal Workers who left work to support Their Union. We marched through Manhattan that day like we owned the city. It was a Glorious day for our membership.

Organizing and Leading that rally was a privilege that I will cherish for the rest of my career. It would be an honor to be elected and continue to be a voice on behalf of this Union for years to come. On March 21st I ask for your support. Thank you.

Fernando L. Robles 9C