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VOTE! Has anyone seen Local 28’s PAL?


VOTE UNION! VOTE pro labor!

We have dignity, self-respect, a living wage and a prideful retirement today because our forebears knew that their vote and pro-labor legislation was their way out of poverty. Our standard of living today rests on the shoulders of those who knew how to VOTE pro labor and did not fail to VOTE.

Beware the anti-labor politician who serves up stalking horse political issues (Iran, Iraq, Ebola, deficits, etc., etc.) that take your eye off their anti-labor policies. VOTE in your self-interest and that of your family.  Don’t undermine your future and the hard won benefits of a century of democratic  trade-unionism.  Don’t fail to VOTE.

VOTE pro labor!





OMC! Bankruptcy. This is where the I.A. came in. Thanks Joe. Thanks Bob. Your knowing and steady hands on the steering wheel of Local 28 has brought us full circle. Where would we be without you? The guys who lost annuity monies are especially grateful. They are grateful for your special kind of due diligence in collecting 28 benefit funds owed to this membership over these last four years.  With each passing day Local 28’s competence level more and more approaches that of the I.A. under your special leadership.  Well done!

Perhaps if Bob ever shows up at one of his  laughable informational meetings he can inform all concerned how his management of 28 has resulted in his latest achievement.


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Dear Bob:

To protect your people from the 28 troublemakers at your informational meetings, it has been suggested that you and the membership switch to online membership meetings.  This way you can stay in your comfort zone and you don’t have to meet members face to face.

If you think an online informational meeting is worth a try, we could start out with a PLEASE EXPLAIN format.

At each meeting we pose one interesting member question to you, and you exercise your leadership skills, safely and far away from the 28 troublemakers.  You may answer that question or lecture us with a three page letter.  Your choice.  This way, you can EXPLAIN how the I.A. sees the world and how Local 28 can “improve…move forward” which will make the I.A. happy and gone.  We can use a social media venue of your choice but the members prefer or No Bull Local 28 on

Assuming you agree, the opening question for this first online PLEASE EXPLAIN meeting is as follows:

You have accused and tried two former Local 28 Presidents, Michael Belluzzi and Kevin Connors of multiple acts of misconduct.  One of the allegations you made was that Belluzzi was at fault for keeping a lot of Local 28 trust fund cash in non-interest bearing accounts.  Can you PLEASE EXPLAIN your hero worship of Nigro’s conduct vs your charge of Belluzzi “misconduct” in the following case.  (See previous blog:  What’s Wrong with this Picture?)

For the year ending 2012, Joe Nigro, who wholly controls his hand picked trustee stand-in on the National Pension Fund (NPF), posted the following disclosures in the NPF’s IRS Form 5500: (Line 1a, – Schedule H)

1.)  As of 01/01/2012 the NPF had  $31,061,657.00 cash in non-interest bearing accounts.

2.)  As of 12/31/2012 the NPF had  $67,667,453.00 cash in non-interest bearing accounts.

3.)  Nigro’s 2013 IRS Form 5500 is not yet available as we head into 2015.

Please keep in mind that this is just ONE YEAR and just ONE I.A. trust fund account.  There are similar issues in multiple years and in multiple funds.

Thanks for your attention to this perplexing issue which to those members not on Nigro’s payroll seems remarkably similar to hypocrisy or a double standard and probably incompetence.

Very truly yours,



What’s Wrong with this Picture?

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