Nigro is trying his best to deny Kevin Connors a seat at the upcoming August convention.  Nigro cannot tolerate opposition.  No one, it seems, will be permitted to challenge Nigro’s General President candidacy.

Consider that fact.  Carefully.  Contemplate what that means to your heritage of genuine, wide-open union democracy in Local 28?  In sister locals?  Throughout SMART?

What’s motivating Joe Nigro?  Is Kevin Connors such a political threat to Nigro?  Is Connors an I.A. political powerhouse?  On one level any run of the mill, petty and vindictive politician might be expected to behave like Nigro.  Overreact.  On that level, Nigro’s charges vs Connors, removal from office and the efforts to deny Connors a seat at the convention are somewhat understandable – depraved but not unexpected.

But the real deal is not really Nigro’s small mindedness.  The real deal is one or two layers deep in the history of the past 28 administration and the role of Joe Nigro in the actual loss of millions of 28 trust fund dollars.  Check out the 28 Complaint vs Joe Nigro elsewhere in Ventlines.    Local 28 Complaint

The 28 complaint alleges that Nigro illegally interfered with the prerogatives of 28 fund trustees who were making a good faith effort to recover lost trust fund money on behalf of 28 members.  Why would Nigro interfere?  He seems to know a little bit about trust fund fiduciary obligations.  He once lectured 28 on “best legal practices” for our funds.  But he doesn’t know a whole lot.  Evidence of that shortcoming is the costly and disgraceful Florida land deal over which he presided as chair trustee of the ITI.

So what’s up? Perhaps the reason Nigro wanted to shut down the Connors’ effort to recover lost fund assets is that Nigro, the self-anointed fiduciary expert and self-appointed 28 and NPF trustee at large may have played not too small a role in the loss of those funds?  And that lawsuit, had it gone forward might have revealed Nigro’s actual role in the loss of 28 monies.

The real deal is that Nigro who was never a 28 trustee, had insinuated himself into the affairs of a trustee meeting of Local 28 Funds.  Via a 28 spokesman and before witnesses, an absentee Nigro prevailed on the 28 trustees to forego lawsuits/closures against delinquent contractors for arrears due Local 28 trust funds and the NPF.  The trustees acquiesced and within a month OMC filed for bankruptcy.  The rest is history.  Good move Joe!  But why would Nigro protect OMC and the other 28 delinquent contractors when the NYC trustees wanted to shut them down and sue them?..Hmmm?

Missing Annuity money?  Worried about the NPF funding at 57%?  No problem!